About the Dutch Institute of Systems and Control

Research school DISC was founded in 1995 as an interuniversity research institute and graduate school by the Delft and Eindhoven Universities of Technology and the University of Twente.

The Dutch Institute of Systems and Control

Research school DISC is an interuniversity research institute and graduate school that unites all academic groups in the Netherlands that are active in systems and control theory and engineering. It offers a nationally organized graduate program for PhD students in this field.

DISC was founded 1995 by the universities of Delft, Eindhoven and Twente. In 2017 the four technical universities and the University of Groningen signed a collective agreement in which they express their support for DISC. The administrative responsiblity of DISC currently lies with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (ME) of Technical University of Delft

DISC is the formal successor of the Dutch Network of Systems and Control, which offered a national graduate program in systems and control since 1987.


The ambitions of DISC are:

1. To provide a PhD program of high quality and internationally recognized level;

2. To provide PhD students with a national and international network and to support them in their development towards independent researchers that are part of the international community and whose research is recognized according to international standards;

3. To develop the field of systems and control through coordinated research in both fundamental and technology directed programs, and to represent this field of science in national and international networks, consortia and boards;

4. To use the position of disc as center of expertise for dissemination of knowledge on systems and control theory and engineering in the widest sense.

Participation and relationships

Research groups of DISC participate in many consortia and networks with academic, institutional and industrial partners. In conjunction with the Royal Institution of Engineers in The Netherlands (KIVI), DISC has the status of national member organization (NMO) of IFAC, the International Federation of Automatic Control.

Particular activities of DISC include: graduate school, summer schools, winter courses and Benelux Meeting on Systems and Control. DISC is represented in the organization of two national/interuniversity MSc programs