In order to obtain the DISC certificate DISC students must acquire 21 ECTS. In the table below we specify the requirements:

Requirements DISC certificate (per 01-01-2020) 
DISC courses ≥ 75% (min. 16 ECTS)
Non-DISC PHD courses max. 5 ECTS
MSc courses
Presenting a paper during Benelux Meeting (1 ECTS per presentation) max. 2 ECTS

Obtaining a DISC certificate gives students the right to include the DISC logo in their thesis and to be nominated for the DISC Best Thesis Award.

Credit points for external courses
Students who wish to obtain DISC credits for non-DISC courses are advised to contact the DISC secretariat beforehand so that the course(s) can be pre-approved. Please note that 28 hours will amount to 1 ECTS. The amount of DISC ECTS may differ from the ECTS indicated by the course organization.
In order to gain (pre) approval please provide the technical program of the course. To award the credits we will also need a signed statement of participation form the institution offering the course.

Receiving a DISC certificate or an overview of credits
Each year the DISC certificates are presented during a special ceremony at the Benelux Meeting. The DISC secretariat contacts all candidates beforehand. It is also possible to receive the certificate by post. Contact the secretariat if you wish to receive a certificate and for an overview of your credits.