Winter course

The wintercourse 2016-2017 will take place from Wednesday December 7 to Thursday December 8, 2016. The topic will be "System Identification in the Life Sciences" and it will be hosted by the University of Wageningen. See the designated page for more information


Since 2009 DISC organizes a yearly Winter Course, lectured by an international guest lecturer on a particular topic or research field relevant for systems and control. The course is typically scheduled in the winter trimsester and can be organized in one or more university locations. In 2009 Prof. Roberto Tempo lectured on “Probabilistic and Randomization Methods for Control of Uncertain Systems”. In 2010 Prof. Thanos Antoulas (Rice University) lectured the Winter Course on Model reduction. In 2011 Prof. Volker Mehrmann lectured on “Modelling, simulation, control and optimization with differential-algebraic systems”. In 2012 Vincent Andrieu lectured the DISC Winter Course on “Observer for Nonlinear Systems”.