Summer School

A yearly four day Summer School lectured by (inter)national specialists in the field of systems and control

Summer School

Each year disc organizes a 4-day summer school in which international specialists are invited to lecture on a particular research topic of current interest within the field of systems and control. The summer school is directed towards disc and international PhD students. Recently organized summer schools are:  “Modeling and Control of Distributed Parameter Systems” (2013) “Data-driven Modeling for Control” (2014), “Control for Cyber-Physical Systems” (2015), “A Systems and Control Perspective in Human-Robot-Environment Interaction” (2016) and A Systems and Control Perspective on Privacy, Safety, and Security in large-scale Cyber-Physical Systems” (2017).

 Summer School 2018

The Summer School 2018 will be on the topic of “Machine learning for Control”” and will take place from June 18-21 at the NH Atlantic, The Hague (Kijkduin), The Netherlands. The organizers are Robert Babuska (TUD), Jens Kober (TUD) and Roland Toth (TUe).

The summer school covers the basic as well as more advanced concepts of machine learning techniques commonly used in modelling, control and estimation problems. Topics include Gaussian processes, deep learning, state representation learning, self-supervised learning, and reinforcement learning.

Confirmed speakers:

Prof. dr. Wolfram Burgard (University of Freiburg)

Prof. Gerhard Neumann (University of Lincoln)

Prof. dr. Melanie Zeilinger (ETH Zurich)

Dr. Guido de Croon (TU Delft)

Dr. Jens Kober (TU Delft)

Dr. Roland Toth (TU Eindhoven)