Course program - general information

DISC offers graduate courses on systems and control lectured by national and international top lecturers.

DISC course program

The DISC course program is organized in three 8-week trimesters per year (September-November; January March; April-May). In these periods courses a organized one day a week on Mondays in a central location in Utrecht. In general two courses run in parallel: one morning course (10.15h-12.30h) and one afternoon course (13.45h-16.00h). All courses are taught in English.

course schedule 2018-2019

DISC information brochure 2017-2018

Fees and registration

The fee for taking or auditing a full DISC course is EUR 250,- for a 3 ECTS course and EUR 450,- for a 6 ECTS course. The fee is waived for registered DISC students/members. Participants can register on the DISC website or send an email to the DISC secretariat at

Grades, credits and certificates

All courses provide the students with homework sets that have to be handed in timely for formal completion of the course and for obtaining a grade. Full credit points are only awarded to students that have attended the course (auditing) and that have completed the homework sets with a sufficient grade. Auditing a course only (without handing in the homework sets) is rewarded with a reduced-rate EC: 1 credit for a 4-week course and 1,5 credit for a 8-week course. In order to receive credits all lectures should be attended. Exemption can only be made by informing the DISC secretariat in writing.

For each completed course participants receive a written acknowledgement of participation that includes the obtained grade and the awarded credits.

A DISC-certificate is handed out when 27 ECTS are completed, of which at least 13.5 ECTS are obtained on the basis of DISC-courses, maximally 12 ECTS can be obtained through courses of other graduate schools in the field and maximally 6 ECTS are obtained through other (MSc) courses that are approved by the research supervisor.