National Graduate School for Systems and Control

Research school DISC is an interuniversity research institute and graduate school that unites all university groups in the Netherlands that are active in systems and control theory and engineering. It offers a nationally organized graduate programme for PhD students in this field.

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Course program - general information

DISC offers graduate courses on systems and control lectured by national and international top lecturers.

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Summer School

A yearly four day Summer School lectured by (inter)national specialists in the field of systems and control

Winter course

The wintercourse 2016-2017 is tentatively scheduled for the first (full) week of December 2016. The topic will be "modelling in the life sciences" and it will be hosted by the University of Wageningen.

Benelux Meeting 2016

The Benelux Meeting 2016 was held from March 22-24, 2016


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12/14 Dec
24/26 May


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PhD defense Douwe Dresscher

On Wednesday November 9, 2016 Douwe Dresscher will defend this thesis, titled “Controlled Passive Actuation: Concepts for energy efficient actuation using mechanical storage elements and continuously variable transmissions”.
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PhD defense Le Li

On Monday June 20, 2016 Le Li will defend his thesis. The title of the thesis is: Coordinated Model Predictive Control of Synchromodal Freight Transport Systems
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PhD defense Max Potters

On Tuesday June 28, 2016 Max Potters will defend his thesis. The title of the thesis is: Experiment Design for Identification of Structured Linear Systems
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PhD defense Shuai Liu

On Monday May 30, 2016 Shuai Liu will defend his thesis. The title of the thesis is: Modeling, Robust and Distributed Model Predictive Control for Freeway Networks
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PhD defense Esmaeil Najafi

On Monday May 30 , 2016 Esmaeil Najafi will defend his thesis. The title of the thesis is: Automatic Synthesis of Supervisory Control Systems
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DISC course program 2016-2017 (NEW COURSE “Computational Linear Algebra: A least squares perspective”)
The course program for 2016-2017 is now available. We have added a course which will take place in November: Computational Linear Algebra: A least squares perspective. Lecturers: prof. M. ...
Maarten Steinbuch awarded honorary title of Simon Stevin master 2016
          Professor Maarten Steinbuch will be the Simon Stevin Master this year, the highest distinction for technical sciences in the Netherlands. It is an honorary ...


We unite academic research

DISC unites all academic research in the Netherlands in the field of systems and control, ranging from mathematical systems theory research to technology-driven control engineering.

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