National Graduate School for Systems and Control

Research school DISC is an interuniversity research institute and graduate school that unites all university groups in the Netherlands that are active in systems and control theory and engineering. It offers a nationally organized graduate programme for PhD students in this field.

About us


Course program - general information

DISC offers graduate courses on systems and control lectured by national and international top lecturers.

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Summer School

A yearly four day Summer School lectured by (inter)national specialists in the field of systems and control

Winter course

The wintercourse 2016-2017 took place from Wednesday December 7 to Thursday December 8, 2016. The topic was be "System Identification in the Life Sciences" and it will be hosted by the University of Wageningen. See the designated page for more information. We are currently planning a new wintercourse, please check back.

Benelux Meeting 2017

The Benelux meeting 2017 will be held from march 28-March 30, 2017.


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12/15 Dec


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PhD defense Mohsin Siraj

On May 10, 2017 Mohsin Siraj will defend his thesis titled “Reducing the effect of uncertainty in robust optimization for oil recovery”.
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PhD defense Geert Folkertsma (UT-EE)

On Friday April 21, 2017 Geert Folkertsma will defend his thesis titled “Energy-based and Biomimetic Robotics”.
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PhD defense Niek Borgers (TU/e-ME)

On Monday April 3, 2017 Niek Borgers will defend his thesis titled “Event-Triggered Control with Robust Communication and Guaranteed Performance”
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PhD defense Hans Verstraete (TUD-DCSC)

On Wednesday March 15, 2017 Hans Verstraete will defend his thesis, titled “Optimization-based adaptive optics for optical coherence tomography”.
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PhD defense Sophie Haesaert (TU/e-EE)

On Thursday February 16, 2017 Sophie Haesaert will defend her thesis “Data-driven and model-based methods for verification and control of physical systems”.
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Registration 2017 DISC Summer School now open
The registration for the 2017 DISC Summer School is now open! The topic is “”A Systems and Control Perspective on Privacy, Safety, and Security in large-scale Cyber-Physical Systems”.
Benelux Meeting 2017: abstract submission opens December 16, 2016
The Organizing Committee has the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the36th Benelux Meeting on Systems and Control to be held at “Sol-Cress”, Spa, Belgium, on March 28 – ...


We unite academic research

DISC unites all academic research in the Netherlands in the field of systems and control, ranging from mathematical systems theory research to technology-driven control engineering.

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