DISC Winter Course 2016-2017

We are pleased to present the DISC Winter Course 2016--2017 on "System Identification in the Life Sciences".

System Identification in the Life Sciences

Recent developments in biology and, more general, the Life Sciences, have led to increasingly complex models of biological systems that exhibit non-linear and complex behaviour. The modelling of these kind of systems requires advanced tools that allow model development and model selection. Calibration and validation of these models is most of the time not easy. A technique like parameter estimation is an essential tool to deal with these kind of systems. In this course an introduction to this topical field of research is given. The course will include:

  • Model development in Systems Biology via case studies (a.o., gene transcription modelling, network reconstruction, chemotaxis modelling, nerve conduction modelling, …)
  • Linear and non-linear system identification techniques
  • Parameter estimation techniques (including, sensitivity/uncertainty analysis, identifiability of non-linear systems)
  • Experimental design

The course will include a computer practical in Matlab, to provide the participants with some hands-on experience.

The program is now available: Program Winter Course 2016-2017

Johan Schoukens is professor at the Department of ELEC (Fundamental Electricity and Instrumentation) at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium.

Jaap Molenaar is professor in Applied Mathematics and head of the department Biometris at Wageningen University and Research.

Date and Location
The course will take place on Wednesday December 7 and Thursday December 8, 2016.
The location will be Wageningen University & Research.

Registration and fee
Registration fee for taking or auditing a full course is € 250. This fee is waived for DISC members. The registration form is available on the DISC course platform, or send an email to secr@disc.tudelft.nl
Please register before November 15, 2016.

You can obtain 1 ECTS for attending the DISC Winter Course. Please note that you have to be present at all sessions  in order to obtain the credits.

Further information
More information is available on the website: www.disc.tudelft.nl or contact the DISC secretariat (m.w.otte@tudelft.nl).