Summer School Archive

Summer school programs of recently organized summer schools:

2017- A Systems and Control Perspective on Privacy, Safety, and Security in large-scale Cyber-Physical Systems
organizers: Bayu Jayawardhana (RUG), Ming Cao (RUG) and Tamas Keviczky (TUD)

2016 –  A Systems and Control Perspective in Human Robot Environment Interaction
organizers: Raffaella Carloni (UT), Jens Kober (TUD), Manuel Mazo Espinosa (TUD) and Alessandro Saccon (TU/e)

2015 – Control for Cyber-Physical Systems
organizers: Maurice Heemels (TU/e), Alberto Bemporad (IMT Lucca)

2014 – Data-driven Modeling for Control
organizers: Paul Van den Hof (TU/e), Ton Oomen (TU/e), Roland Toth (TU/e), Xavier Bombois (TUD).

2013 – Modeling and Control of Distributed Parameter Systems
organizers: Hans Zwart (UT) en Birgitte Jacob (University of  Wuppertall)

2012 –  Optimization in Control Theory
organizers: Siep Weiland (TU/e) and Anton Stoorvogel (UT)

2011 – Optimization in Control Theory
organizers: Stefano Stramigioli (UT), Sarthak Misra (UT), Gabriel Lopes (TUD) and Dragan Kostic (TU/e)

2009 – Distributed Control and Estimation
organizers: Siep Weiland (TUe), Tamas Keviczky (TUD) and Mircea Lazar (TU/e)