DISC is governed by a board consisting of representatives of the 3TU’s, the other universities, and an external member. The daily operation of disc is directed by the scientific director, who is assisted by the disc secretariat.
The disc advisory board, composed of leading representatives from industrial, university and societal bodies, meets once a year with the DISC board to discuss issues concerning strategy and policy.

dr. J.W. Polderman, UT, chairman
prof.dr. S. Weiland, TU/e
prof.dr. ir. J.M.A. Scherpen, RUG
prof.dr. H. Zwart, UT
prof.dr. R. Babuska, TUD
dr. ir. H. Stigter, WUR

Scientific director
prof.dr.H. Nijmeijer, Tu/e

disc secretariat
mrs. M.W. Otte, TUD

Advisory board B. De Moor (KUL) J. Benschop, (ASML)
Prof. J.C.M. Baeten (CWI) D.A. Schipper, (Demcon)
Prof. E.J. Sol, (TNO)

The scientific director is supported by a management team consisting of all heads of disc departments.

Management team M. Verhaegen (TUD-DCSC)
Prof. dr. ir. B. De Schutter (TUD-DCSC)
Prof. dr. R. Babuska (TUD-DCSC) A.W. Heemink (TUD-DIAM) J.A. Mulder (TUD-AE) P.M.J. Van den Hof (TUe-EE) M. Steinbuch (TUe-ME)
Prof. dr. H. Nijmeijer (TUe-ME) R.G.K.M. Aarts (UT-ME) S. Stramigioli (UT-EE)
Prof. dr. H.J. Zwart (UT-AM)
Prof. dr. ir. H.F.M.J. Koopman (UT-BE) K.J. Keesman (WU) J.M.A. Scherpen (RUG-ENTEG)
Prof. dr. C. De Persis (RUG-ENTEG)
Prof.dr. H.L. Trentelman (RUG-JBI)
Dr. J.C. Engwerda (TU) R. L. M. Peeters (MU)
Prof.dr. A.C.M. Ran (VU)